About Us

It all began back in 2001 when we were looking for a way to supplement our family income. With two young kids whose natural talent in sports had us traveling around the US, it was almost impossible to expand our business and really create something that we were proud of…except for our children of course.

We found our niche in replacement parts for your favorite brands of toys and baby products. You know how frustrating it is when you are missing a crucial piece of a toy or a game or a strap that’s a must on the high chair! Now that our youngest is grown, it’s high time we created our own brand and made our dream come true. With big brands and gigantic toy stores taking over the market of toys and games, finding toys that are educational, innovative, fun and long-lasting at the same time is an unrealistic expectation. That is why we created Ele Toys; to sell toys that will be played with and thoroughly enjoyed for many years before they are passed on to siblings, relatives, friends or put aside for future generations! Becoming more and more competitive, we’ve just recently started marketing our own line of toys and baby products with the simple goal of helping you spend less time shopping and more time having fun with your children.

High Quality Toys for Fun Without Limits

Safety is a must. If there’s a federal regulation, our products meet or exceed it. No exceptions.

While safety regulations and high quality are our top priorities, the deciding factor that sets us apart from the competition is that we take your wishes and requests into consideration before designing and marketing our products. Discussing and incorporating the wishes of parents, grandparents, teachers and even therapists is the only way to understand the customer’s needs and ultimately create toys that you would confidently let your child play with.

Sadly, many kids do not have the luxury of playing with their own toys and that is why we are aiming at giving out considerable donations, especially as our growth and reach keep expanding. Staying away from cold, corporate vibes and gimmicks, we are after a closer, personal relationship with all our customers. Our goal is that no customer will be unsatisfied. The reason why we go into so much trouble to deliver our final products is because we simply love what we do. We love toys. But most importantly, we love kids and we want to put a beautiful smile on those faces.

We thank you for choosing us!

Mission Statement

If we only had one mission, it would be to continue expanding our family-run business and becoming a go-to brand for premium-quality, educational toys.

Our current efforts focus on introducing one of our first products, building blocks with stories. Those innovative, interactive, and fun toys will hopefully lead us to an even brighter future.