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Listening and Learning and Linking – Oh My!

Digital technology has changed every aspect of modern life, including the way toddlers and school-age children play. From the way we communicate to the way we shop to the way children play, everything has been modernized. Children’s non-digitized play, though, is here to stay – and has a valuable purpose. Children play to improve non-verbal communication skills, to develop gross motor skills, and to improve fine motor skills. That’s why parents love toys that serve triple duty, like our Story Blocks Building Sets.

Available in a variety of colorful themes, these interactive, entertaining, educational toys let children explore the world around them and use their growing imagination. The building blocks let children learn to recognize shapes, colors, and textures. They’ll also learn to connect different sized objects and create a complete picture. The accompanying book lets you interact with your child by reading the story aloud as they build and complete the set.

Savvy parents love to combine learning with playtime and turn a game children will love participating in into a beneficial educational experience into as well. After all, what could be more for than watching your toddler learning eagerly? You’ll be delighted as your child listens to the story and learns these important skills:
• your child will learn to listen
• your child will learn to age-appropriately multi-task
• your child will learn to make a cognitive connection between the words they hear and the toys in their hands

Designed specifically for toddlers, eighteen months and older, each story block set comes with a complete set of blocks, a fun, easy-to-read, easy-to-engage-with storybook, and hours and hours of fun. Our blocks are even compatible with most other interlocking block toys, so you and your child can continue the story using additional toys you have on hand. Even better, by connecting more than one story block set you and your child can build your own custom town.

These amazing toys provide years of affordable fun for children because they grow with your child beyond their toddler years. From building with blocks, your toddler will soon ask you to read the story to them, and from there, progress to wanting to read the story to you. Because children grow in the blink of an eye, choosing toys that grow with them is important.

Available in stories and themes that mimic real life situations, they also help foster understanding of life’s circumstances in an age appropriate manner. A few of our many sets are: Daddy Stays Home Sick, which helps children understand parents and embrace compassion and caring, The First Day of School which builds excitement and can help alleviate some fear around this important milestone, and Joey Gets Lost, which helps children understand the importance of staying close to their parents and following instructions.

As the holiday season approaches and you start looking for gifts that have built-in fun, enhance baby’s core competencies, provide entertainment pleasure for your toddler and let you get the biggest bang for your buck, you don’t need to look further than our Story Book Building Block Sets.

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Like most parents, you want only the best for your baby. While the Internet has come a long way in making parenting tips, tools, and resources available, those opinions can sometimes be conflicting and lead to confusion. That confusion is spurred along by memories of the way things used to be done. For example, bright, colorful, coordinated crib bumper pads were once all the rage. Not only did they protect baby from injuries, they also added a colorful touch to cribs and added to the theme of the entire nursery. As cute as they are, though, bumper pads have given way to a safer alternative.


Welcome our new, breathable mesh crib liners, like the one featured here. The special fabric these are made from allows fresh air to flow through baby’s crib and bedding. Also, crib liners are made of mesh which contains beneficial air pockets. The air pockets in mesh crib liners greatly reduce the risk of unintentional suffocation if baby rolls against the side of the crib.


Babies are adorably tiny and impossibly adorable. Mesh crib liners can help prevent tiny limbs from becoming entangled in, or poking through, a crib’s sides and slats. Additionally, as an added safety measure, mesh liners collapse when baby tries to climb them, thereby lessening the risk of your little one climbing out of his crib.


Just say no to bumper pads and say yes to a safer alternative. Breathable mesh crib liners are a safe, affordable, alternative to traditional bumper pads. They’re easy to install and help prevent many of the injuries and avoid many of the risks traditional bumper pads were used for. Our soft, breathable, mesh crib liners are available in four colors to fit any nursery décor. They’re the perfect complement to any crib and keep your baby safe during the day and comfortably snug at night.


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Parenting Made Easier

Living that Mom life or that Dad life is all about making sure your little one has everything they need and preserving your sanity, all in one fell swoop. Parenting well can be one of the most challenging – yet most rewarding – adventures of your life. When that little one arrives, they change every facet of your life. Work takes on a whole new meaning and so does playtime and bedtime.


While it’s true that becoming a parent changes you, it doesn’t have to stop you from being stylish and being stylish doesn’t need to stand in the way of functionality. That means that smart parents look for furnishings, tools, and equipment that do double duty. A crib that converts first into a toddler bed, then into a twin bed is a savvy choice. A baby wipes warmer that has an added compartment to warm bottles is space saving and cool. A convertible stroller and car seat mean less to buy and less to lug around.


Instead of makeup, tools, and work files, moms and dads often find themselves carrying everything from bottles to baby wipes to diapers to baby’s favorite toy. You’ll be surprised at the number of items that tiny bundle of joy requires on every trip out the door. Carry it all in style with this diaper bag backpack. It’s a stylish way to stash and carry the endless gear babies and toddlers need.


Parenting is not for the faint of heart. You want your family to have the best of the best, and to never do without anything – even if it’s just a favorite toy tucked into your diaper bag or backpack. Nothing is too good for your child – just remember to properly outfit yourself as well. Cool, functional tools that make your days smoother and more efficient just make good sense. After all, it’s called life”style” for a reason.