Fisher-Price Octonauts, Gup-P & Kwazii

~Includes Kwazii and parrotfish that changes color in warm water ~Press the tail to turn the GUP-P into a medical station! ~Open and close beak or use the Octo-grabber to rescue the parrotfish creature ~Includes Octo x-ray viewer accessory ~A great gift for any Octonauts fan



Fisher-Price Octonauts, Gup-P & Kwazii
Inspired by the parrotfish, the GUP-P is a specialized, first responder emergency vehicle. With a simple press of the tail, this versatile GUP transforms into a medical station – equipped with an Octo x-ray viewer – where Kwazii can treat the parrotfish and transport it to safety. Attach the x-ray viewer to the back of the GUP and place the parrotfish underneath to check for any injuries. The GUP-P includes Kwazii and his Octo-grabber, Octo x-ray viewer and a color-change parrotfish to rescue!


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