Foam Play Mat Pink & Cream Imaginarium


~ 5 ft x 4 ft with 20 interlocking times and border trim
~ Easy portability and storage in vinyl storage bag.

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Let your little one learn about numbers and letters through play with the Imaginarium foam play mat. This fun and colorful playmat feature 12 large 12-inch x 12-inch foam tiles with pop-out puzzle pieces! Each tile contains its own puzzle. The 0.5 inch thick tiles also interlock creating a 12-inch x 12 inch flat safe and soft play surface for both indoor and outdoor fun. The mat comes with a zippered vinyl storage bag with handle providing easy transport and storage. The Imaginarium Foam Puzzle Mat features 12 foam tiles with pop-out puzzle shapes. Foam tiles interlock for flat or three-dimensional building fun. Safe surface is great for indoor and outdoor play. Easy portability and storage in a vinyl storage bag.

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Dimensions 24.00 × 13.00 × 8.00 in