Blue Hat Remote Control Speed Bumpers ~ Head-2-Head RC Vehicles ~ 2 Player Action ~ Rider Ejects when Bumper is Hit!


~GENUINE Blue Hat RC Speed Bumpers from MerchSource ~INCLUDES 2 toy vehicles and 2 player wireless control action. Vehicles/remote controls are on separate frequencies. ~Eject your opponents rider by outmaneuvering to hit either of two buttons located on the lower sides of each vehicle. Discover your own attack and defense methods. ~Portable too – each vehicle measures approx. 7″ long, 5″ wide, 5″ ht. For best action, use on smooth, flat, clean surface with plenty of room for strategic ~Requires batteries (not included): Each vehicle takes (3) AAA, and each remote (2) AAA for hours of non-stop fun.

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???? Enjoy an at-home twist on classic theme park bumper cars An at-home reinvention of the ubiquitous amusement park classic, the Blue Hat RC Speed Bumpers set brings home all the classic county fair action with the added power of RC technology! Great for adults craving nostalgia, and for children being introduced to the ride for the first time! Easy-to-master remote controls The battle bumper car set features easy-to-use dual joystick battery-powered gamepads. Take full control of your car with generous movement and maneuverability. Turn any flat surface into your next amusement park ride! Crash your way to victory The goal is to bump your opponent’s bumper car buttons before they reach yours—integrated movement controls allow you to blend attacks with movement and evasion! Strike your opponent first and you’ll send their driver flying, scoring you victory! Perfect for one-on-one or competitive team play This two-player set is great for one-on-one play! Or form teams and keep score – see how many times your team can send the other team’s driver out of their bumper car! Features: Color-coordinated gamepads Radio-controlled wireless technology Multi-directional tires for grip and maneuverability Exciting driver expulsion victory Battery operated (batteries not included) Package Includes: Two battle bumper cars (blue/red) Two dual control wireless remote controls. ??

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