Beatbo Fisher-Price Bright Spin & Crawl Tumble Franky Beats Ball


~Multi-colored lights, fun music & phrases get little ones moving

~Frankie beats dances to the beat with an adorable tumbling action

~Tumbling motion encourages babies to crawl & Chase after Frankie beats

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Let’s rock and roll, baby! with colorful lights, fun music and phrases, bright beats spin & crawl tumble ball frank beats break dances to the beat, tumbling here, there and everywhere! Little ones will have a ball crawling and chasing after this adorable Boogey buddy.

Just push his face to take a spin around the dance floor with this rocking’ frank beats! where development comes into play gross motor: as babies play, dance and crawl along with frank beats, they’re building up little muscles! sensory: the tumbling motions, colorful lights, and silly sounds stimulate your baby’s developing senses. Thinking skills: discovering all the ways they can make frank beats move introduces little ones to cause & effect!.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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