Plush 9 inch Baby Penguin Doll – Blue


~ Plush blue penguin has stitched-on eyes, a soft beak/feet, and adorable little wings
~ Includes 1 stuffed penguin
~ Height: 9 inches

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Get ready to welcome Baby Penguin Doll, a cuddly cutie into your stuffed animal family! This light blue Baby Penguin, is designed with friendly stitched-on eyes, a super-soft beak and floppy wings. He’s covered in plush fur and ready for a good snuggle! Ranging from oversized imaginary creations to life-like plush reproductions, Animal Alley stuffed animals and toys all have one thing in common; the real happiness that a super soft plush toy can bring a child or adult.

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Dimensions 9 × 4 × 9 in


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