Cliko Game Brain Builder Series Set


  • Cliko Game Brain Builder Set
  • Includes GeoBlocks & 1 Booklet
  • Cliko is part of the brain builder series , which consists of 4 exquisite games of spatial visualization. In these games, players progress at their own rhythm, as puzzles gradually become more challenging.
  • Logical analysis comes into play while players attempt to reconstruct 3D structures based on 2D horizontal flat views.
  • The game becomes really intense as you reach the upper levels.

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What’s included? Cliko Game Brain Builder Set


Have fun playing with geometrical concepts of perspective with Cliko, part of the Brain Builder Series. Players use the enclosed GeoBlocks to construct 3D structures based on 2D images. Easy at first, the puzzles become progressively more challenging, inviting players to use their imagination and creativity. Colors and styles may vary.

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