Replacement Parts for RoseArt Graphic Skinz Design Studio – DDM57 ~ Replacement Boy Graphic Skinz Transfers


  • GENUINE Replacement Parts
  • INCLUDES Boy Graphic Skinz Transfers
  • PERFECT Shape and Fitting for your Graphic Skinz Design Studio
  • AUTHENTIC REPLACEMENT PARTS comes in a sealed plastic bag – as received from Manufacturer
  • MADE FOR MODEL # DDM57 – Graphic Skinz Design Studio

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What’s included?
Replacement Boy Graphic Skinz Transfers


★★ These Replacement Parts works with Graphic Skinz Design Studio – Listing is for Replacement Boy Graphic Skinz Transfers ONLY ★★

Customize and create like never before—with the amazing, one-of-a-kind Graphic Skinz Design Studio! The fun begins with the motorized vacuum chamber that uses its “suction powers” to instantly apply full-color Graphic Skinz to 3-D objects. Start skinning with the included snap-together, snap-apart models: Monster Truck, Creepy Spider and Ferocious Shark. Select from a fun variety of 30 Graphic Skinz, applying them one-by-one, to your model parts, any way you like. Then, place it all into the vacuum chamber and watch as your Skinz adhere to each individual piece. That’s it! Let your imagination run wild—skin anything that will fit into the vacuum chamber! Want to double your production Check out our amazing Graphic Skinz refill packs for a huge selection of Skinz to fulfill all your skinning needs. Key Features: Customize and create like never before with the Graphic Skinz Design Studio Motorized Vacuum Chamber —applies Graphic Skinz in seconds Includes 30 Graphic Skinz in bold colors and unique patterns 3 customizable models—Monster Truck, Creepy Spider and Ferocious Shark—all ready for you to skin! The cylindrical sponge allows you to apply Graphic Skinz to 3-D objects The sponge detailer gives your creations 360-degrees of Skinz coverage A detailed instruction sheet provides all necessary steps so you can create a masterpiece!

This set is sold separately and is not included with the Replacement Part. Description is for Graphic Skinz Design Studio identification purposes only.


Oh no, where did it go?
Isn’t it just the worst when you lose the most important part to a toy?
Never fear, we’ve got you covered!
We carry a large variety of replacement parts for your toy OR baby product.

These Replacement Parts are for Item # DDM57 – Graphic Skinz Design Studio.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in


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